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For as long as I can remember the truth of science, history, energy, politics, and religion has been elusive. Ever since the Kennedy assignations, the Vietnam War and Climate Change, I have had doubts about the official narratives. I could find no real answers to my questions but plenty of controversy on all of the above.

For my first contention I will reveal the real cause of climate. Climate change was originally attributed to orbital variations of the Earth around the sun and the procession of it’s orbital axis.

But then along came Jim Hansen who claimed that human CO2 emissions were the primary cause in a theory called the Green House Effect. But before that he claimed another Ice Age was at hand. He seemed to base his claim on the hot atmosphere of Venus that research probes discovered.

Is the Greenhouse Effect Real?

Time and again the ‘science administrative state’ have touted the greenhouse effect (which is really just theory) is largely from GHG’s of which CO2 is a principle component. This, they claim, leads to increased global warming- aka climate change. Bull, malarkey! The official claim that global warming is caused by increasing CO2 levels in the atmosphere is an absolute fallacy, 95% of the CO2 is from natural sources, not human.

The warming of the atmosphere is similar to how a heater heats the air. All heat is part of a blackbody curve, the higher the peak of the curve the more energy it indicates from the source.

The Nature of Heat.

First of all the movement and transmission of heat occurs via 3 ways:

Conductive Heat transfer involves direct contact, wherein molecular vibrations spread from molecule to molecule. (Specific Heat Value)

Convective Heat transfer involves a molecular mass in motion: expanded by heat, a heated fluid is pushed up and away by the denser fluid that surrounds it.

Radiative transfer occurs when molecules intercept the IR (infrared energy) that warmer molecules are emitting, which brings about a resonant molecular vibration — i.e., heating.

The Earth’s Main Heating Mechanism

The Earth absorbs the visible radiation from the Sun, which is then converted to heat, and this heat radiates out to the atmosphere. But the solar insolence is not evenly distributed on the Earth, it decreases with latitude from the solar zenith. The solar insolence also varies through-out the day- from the morning it increases and past noon it decreases, and none at night. It’s why the equator areas are very warm and the poles are frigid.

Actual real propotional comparison of solar vers terrestrial energy levels

Energy content under the curves- Solar- 63×106 Wm2 / Terrestrial- 240 Wm2 = 247,000x greater

The atmosphere is by volume ~78.09% nitrogen, ~20.95% oxygen, ~0.93% argon, ~0.04% CO2, and trace amounts of other gases. Air also contains a variable amount of water vapor, on average around ~1%

Argon, O2 and N2 are IR-transparent. But heat energy is transfered via the surface to the air by conduction. The heat is then distributed via convection as the less dense air rises and is replaced by cooler, denser air.

The Primary Heaters of the Atmosphere.

This leads to 2 factors of heating: Specific Heat and Heat Capacity.

Specific Heat- Q, is defined as the amount of heat a unit mass of a substance absorbs in order to increase the temperature by a temperature span: Cp (Jewels / grams kelvin degrees ):


Heat capacity is the amount of heat absorbed to increase the temperature by △T:

Hc= Q/△T

1J / kg K = 0.0002390 calories / gram C = 0.0007738576630 BTU / lb F

The CP of air is 1.0035, N2 is 1.04, O2 is 0.918, CO2 is 0.839.

The density of air at sea level is about 1.2 kg/m3

So from this we can calculate the relative heat absorptions of each atmospheric gas:

Gas cp Mass Stored Energy % of Air
J/kg/K kg J/K
N2 983 4.13091006E+18 4.060684588E+21 79.5209485%
O2 919 1.10774396E+18 1.018016698E+21 19.9359619%
Ar 531 4.91366416E+16 2.609155669E+19 0.5109546%
CO2 844 1.58453127E+15 1.337344390E+18 0.0261894%
Ne 1030 9.50566787E+13 9.790837905E+16 0.0019174%
He 5240 2.74608183E+13 1.438946878E+17 0.0028179%
CHₓ 2200 1.05618532E+13 2.323607701E+16 0.0004550%
H 14300 2.53484477E+12 3.624828014E+16 0.0007099%
N2O 880 2.63837434E+12 2.321769416E+15 0.0000455%
(H2O) (1859) (1.05618532E+17) (1.963448508E+20) varies

So CO2 absorbs just a fraction of the thermal surface energy from what N2 and O2 absorb.

The Nature of IR and Heating

But the Green House theory claims that CO2 and other GHGs absorb and trap IR energy. But that is a false claim as heated masses always emit IR! Look at a fire, it’s giving off light and IR. An electric heater gives off IR and heat. An IR lamp, like at fast food places, gives off IR energy primarily. A portion of the sun’s energy is IR, that is what you feel.

So what is happening with the atmospheric gases? The molecules are zooming around, continuously bumping into each other. Whatever the amount of molecular motion occurring in matter, the speed is related to the temperature. The hotter the material, the faster its molecules are vibrating or moving.

Each of these molecular collisions produces electromagnetic radiation at frequencies all across the electromagnetic spectrum. Any matter that is heated above absolute zero generates electromagnetic energy. The intensity of the emission and the distribution of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum depend upon the temperature of the emitting matter

Meteorologists acknowledge that our atmosphere is principally heated by surface contact and convective circulation. Surrounded by the vacuum of space the earth can only dissipate this energy by radiation. If surface-heated nitrogen and oxygen do not radiate the thermal energy they acquire, they would prevent the earth a means of cooling off. On the other hand, though, if surface-heated nitrogen and oxygen do radiate infrared, then by both observations they fit the definition of “greenhouse gases,” which debunks the claim that only radiation from the infrared-absorbents raises the Earth’s temperature. Either way, therefore, the convoluted GHE theory touted is wrong.

Transparency of the Atmosphere to EM

The transfer of IR energy by radiation happens in a flash of a micro second. To say that GHGs trap heat and increase the surface temperature would violate the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics which basically states: Heat can’t flow from a colder body to a hotter one. Heated air is always rising and being replaced by cooler air except in a weather high mass where the falling cooling air gets compressed and heats up. It heats up as work is done on it by gravity, just like if you compress a gas mechanically it heats up like what happens with a bicycle pump.

Correct version of Earth’s Energy Budget via Solar input

So that IPCC- Green House graphic that pro GHE touters show is mostly bogus. There is no such thing as back IR in thermodynamics. It almost violates the 1st Law of Thermodynamics- that energy can’t be created nor destroyed, just transformed, except for gods. Are we gods?

Again, more energy is absorbed by water:

The Most Overlooked Factor of the Earth’s Heating

Another factor of the Earth’s atmospheric temperature is the air density. It involves one of the gas laws:

pV = nRT (Eq 1)

where p = pressure, V = volume, n = number of molecules, R = the gas constant and T = temperature

This explains why higher altitudes are generally cooler and why Venus is so hot. The atmosphere of Venus is ~96x denser then Earth’s. The pressure is like being 3,036 feet under the ocean.

And another factor of the Earth’s temperature is the oceans which absorb and retain a good amount of the incoming solar energy. You can see this effect on the West versus the East Coasts. Water absorbs a great deal of energy, especially between phase transitions of solid to liquid to vapor.

There is no magic 2°C tipping point. Raising todays atmospheric temperature 2°C involves an insignificant amount of heat relative to the total ocean / atmosphere heat present only 8,000 years ago. If the oceans absorbed 2°C worth of atmospheric heat, the ocean temperature would only go up a trivial- unmeasurable 0.002°C. That is because the ocean heat capacity is 1000 times larger than the atmosphere’s according to the IPCC and NOAA. While we have good Argo float data from 0-2000 meters, these depths only include about 50% of the volume of the oceans.

The oceans will mitigate any atmospheric warming, man-made or not. Direct solar radiation does most of the warming. Longer term ocean/atmospheric heat transfer (like evaporation, ENSO and other processes) do transfer a lot of heat from the atmosphere to the oceans and back again to stabilize the system. The NOAA web site, shows that the world ocean average temperature has gone up only 0.1°C in the last 60 years, less than the error in the data. The precision of the ARGO thermometers is very good, +-0.002°C, but the accuracy is only 0.5°C over most of the world ocean.

Air temperature has ziltch effect!

CO2 lags Temperature significantly.

CO2 sources are mostly natural.

So there is no greenhouse effect, just different transmissions of energy forms.

A coming harbinger?: